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Frequently Asked Questions about JetSmarter. The fastest growing jet company in the world. JetSmarter can accept payments in 1currencies operating worldwide hours.

As a JetSmarter member, you may take advantage of our personally tailored . Here’s why you might fall in love with JetSmarter, too. Occupying the highest end of “Uber for X” formulation, JetSmarter recently closed a $million round of funding which includes contributions . Imagine how great life can be with unlimited free flights on private jets. Most private aircraft aren’t used that much, JetSmarter founder. JetSmarter has agreed to pay up to $3million over the next seven years to purchase up to 30flight hours from U. JetSmarter’s routes extend across Europe and the US Credit: Getty. This isn’t the only company facilitating private-jet flights at prices that . JetSmarter Reviews and Prices: Why It’s Actually Amazing.

A business vendor recently told me he was meeting with the PJ Team in regards to . Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter app allows users to hire a jet in seconds. Membership cost of £5gives users discounts and other benefits.