Antique stone floors

We offer Antique Stone Flooring for sale in Houston TX and can ship your architectural antiques worldwide from our local showroom and warehouse. Get authentic reclaimed limestone, antique stone slabs and flooring. Ancient limestones from Israel and France.

Our reclaimed stone floors slabs range from. These antique stone floor or reclaimed stone flooring bear the marks of time, with nuance and patina … in limestone from Bourgogne, Caen, . ANTIQUE FRENCH LIMESTONE FLOORS, ANTIQUE FRENCH LIMESTONE. AUTHENTIC 16th CENTURY STONE FLOORS RECLAIMED LIMESTONE .

BOURGOGNE ANTIQUE DALLE DE BOURGOGNE PIERRE DE BOURGOGNE DALLAGE ANTIQUE STONE FLOORING FRENCH LIMESTONE FLOORS BEST. When a design plan calls for rustic or antique décor elements,very few things replicate the concept better than reclaimed stone flooring. We source our antique floor tiles all over Europe.

In the Netherlands and Belgium we collect beautiful antique terracotta floorings which . We sell a variety of beautiful antique French limestone flooring slabs that have. French Limestone floors such as stones from the Burgundy and . Antique Stonr Floors, Reclaimed Stone Floors,Stock for Sale,this is the Best, Authentic Antique French, Surface Stone Floors, you can’t get much better in the . Direct Importer of Gray Oak Floors, Solid Oak Floors, French Oak Floors,. Belgian Blue Stone Pavers, Aged Wide-Plank French Oak Flooring, Aged .

We are a specialist natural stone flooring company, committed to supplying materials of the highest quality. Our range comprises antique stones sourced from all . French Limestone and White Limestone. Reclaimed Pierre de Burgogne, French Stone Flooring: Antique dalle de Bourgogne (slabs), random sizes of mixed formats.

Reclaimed Antique French Stone Flooring Tiles, French Limestone Tiles from Italy, the Details Include Pictures,Sizes,Color,Material and Origin. Antique stone flooring finish french quarter latte walnut Champignon – Combined with modern cabinets – Uniform size allows it to look gracefully aged but not .